Meet the Faculty and Staff at GCS

Staff and Administration

Sharon Warren - Principal

Corinne Wiles - ELC Director

Marcia Ricke - Business Manager

Carolyn Webster - Student Secretary

Bryan Counts  Custodian


Early Learning Center

Charity Dalrymple  - Pre-School/Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Corinne Wiles - Toddler Lead Teacher


Christopher Brownell  - Kindergarten  Class Page
Abby Timberlake - 1st Grade  Class Page

Bethany Dieterle - 2nd Grade  Class Page

Lorray Singmaster - 3rd Grade

Megan VanderTuin - 4th Grade

Chris LaRose - 5th Grade -

Pete Boyle - 6th Grade  Class Page

Paul Dalpes - Physical, and Outdoor Education
Sam Braakman - RtI, Music and Art Education

Ellen Elliott - Volunteer Librarian 
                        Library Page